Home Sweet Home, Florida again!

We are back where we were married 45 years ago. 3/9/74. It’s good to be back here among our friends and family. We served in Liberty Baptist Church for many years; we started Calvary Road Baptist Church in Clearwater and now we are serving our wonderful Lord in Music and soul-winning wherever we can. We created http://churchprospecting.com/ , an online system to help Pastors call thousands in their area in just a few minutes of time. Many Pastors have used this great soul-winning tool to increase their attendance. Also, David has a website called http://davidwilliamsviolinist.info/ where he shares his Inspirational Christian violin playing. We witness for our wonderful loving Lord wherever we go with tracts that David has created for his soul-winning website. http://getlifeeternal.com/ Even though we are seniors now we are busy serving the Lord where we are at this time in our lives.

Our cards to each other, 45th. Anniversary



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