Home Sweet Home, Florida again!

We are back where we were married 45 years ago. 3/9/74. It’s good to be back here among our friends and family. We served in Liberty Baptist Church for many years; we started Calvary Road Baptist Church in Clearwater and now we are serving our wonderful Lord in Music and soul-winning wherever we can. Also, David has a website called http://davidwilliamsviolinist.info/ where he shares his Inspirational Christian violin playing. Also he has his new songs at http://davidwilliamsviolinist.info/mysongs.  We witness for our wonderful loving Lord wherever we go with tracts that David has created for his soul-winning website: http://ifyoucouldkow.info Even though we are seniors now we are busy serving the Lord where we are at this time in our lives.

Our cards to each other, 45th. Anniversary



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Fresno Independent Baptist Church!

We moved to Fresno to start a Church in this much needed city. We rented a conference room in a large Hotel in the downtown which was a perfect location for soul-winning. We loved the Church members that God sent to us to help and we will always be truly thankful His goodness during these 10 years. David wore out a couple New Testaments because he was always winning souls. Bro. Noel Burton and his wife were such a help to the Church and they were very much loved by all. I also taught children at Clovis Christian Pre-School. Eventually another Pastor and his wife took over for us so that we could go back to Florida to our home Church. David was head of the Soul-Winning Program there and many were saved and added to the Church during this time.



Newest Soul-Wining Bible

Called to California

We moved across America in a small car loaded down with suitcases to Palm Springs. David was asked by a family friend to help him start a new Church. David served as Assistant Pastor and music director for a couple years. Then we moved to Desert Hot Springs to start Mountain View Baptist Church which was the only Independent Baptist in the whole town. David was ordained to preach during this time in 1985. A few Pastors from the area came to the service and laid hands on David. The people that attended all signed the Ordination Certificate. Pastor Bill Pasquini of Joshua Tree Baptist Church was in charge of this special occasion. We were thrilled to have such wonderful friends nearby. We have good memories of our years there and many were saved in this desert town. The desert flowers were spectacular to see! 

Finishing Bible College!

David was called to preach when he was at Big Bear Bible Camp high in the California mountains as a young man.  He attended Bible College before he met me but didn’t finish so at this time we moved up to Hammond, Indiana to attend First Baptist Church and to enroll in Hyles-Anderson College. We both attended and we lived up there for seven years. David graduated in 1979 with a B.S. Degree in Pastoral Theology. We both worked in the bus ministry the whole time there and David was a member of the Fishermen’s Club under Bro. C.W. Fisk. He received awards for the most saved and down the aisle. We have many wonderful memories of the time we lived and served the Lord there.  David sang solos often in Chapel and at First Baptist Church.  It was the first time I had ever lived in snow, very much of a winter wonderland. Everything white was beautiful to me! 

Gift from C.W. Fisk for most souls saved and down the aisle.

Degree of Bachelor of Science in Pastoral Theology from Hyles-Anderson College.

First year of our Marriage.

Clearwater Pier 60 was our witnessing place. Back in the day, hippies hung there on Saturday evenings  looking for a good time. In the first year of our marriage we would witness with Gospel tracts to whoever we met at the pier.  During the day David worked as a carpenter and I went to Trinity College in Dunedin, far left in group photo. David would come for Chapel when he could. We lived at the Oaks Apartments in Clearwater. We loved to go to the beach and watch the sunsets in the evenings. We had a very wonderful first year.

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Kentucky here we come!

While living in Florida David was asked to move to Bowling Green Kentucky by his builder boss, Dale Jagger, to help him in his company. So, we relocated to this beautiful state and   moved into an apartment. We joined Victory Baptist Church and David and I helped in soul-winning and visitation. Western Kentucky University was full of students and alot of them came to the Church. Youth outreach ministries were started such as the bus ministry, youth camp, the Victory Christian Center, and the nursing home and jail ministries. We enjoyed our time there with these sweet Christian people. Bro. R.B. Adamson was a great Godly Pastor who is now in Heaven.